Words of Love (Testimonials)

Over the course of my incredible journey – I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing clients, families, and people in general. I grow to love and feel apart of each of my families and take their memories very serious. Because of the love that I have for each of my clients, this ‘job’ becomes very personal. Although we all understand this is a ‘business’, you must understand that it is so much more than that to us. Some of it is because we are WOMAN and live our lives with emotion, but so much of it is because the thing that we do that is considered a ‘job’ IS personal. We are dealing with emotions, moments, and memories that can never be replaced. I think it is vital for customers to understand just HOW personal it is. I certainly wouldn’t want someone  just doing their ‘job’ handling my memories, I want someone who truly cares about what they are doing to have the task of telling my story!

When we pour our every being into YOUR memories, it is such an amazing gift to get a few words back in return for the gift we have given. I have  some amazing words from  wonderful clients and friends and I cannot tell you how much it means to hear such things! Thank you all for your kind and amazing words of love! They mean more than you know!

Please feel free to click on each image to see the testimonial! Thank you again for considering me to capture your family’s journey!



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